What camera should I use to produce my clips?

This question came up quite often when talking to new producers and first of all I’ve to say, that with today’s technology, you can get quite good results on a budget. Also I consider the camera one of the less important things, it’s way more important to get the content and the light right (watch out for our next article which will be focused on lighting a video correctly!)

Never the less I’ll try to give you a summary of your options when shopping for a video camera. Continue reading

What kind of clips should I produce?

Whether you’re just starting out or already got a store up and running – you may ask yourself what makes the most sense to produce. Of course that depends primarily on what you actually can produce (e.g. do you have a partner or are you alone in front of the camera?) and what you’re willing to produce.

Beside these obvious questions it can be of great help to check out the clipstore sites and browse around. Obviously checking out the “Top Selling Clips” and “Top Stores” lists makes sense, but you don’t want to create 1:1 copies of the top clips (not only will you be hated by fellow producers, also the users recognize “stolen ideas” and you loose your originality). Also by checking the top stores list you can’t tell which clips made them so successful or if they’re just doing extensive promo themselves. Continue reading

Clipstore-sites vs. own shopping cart

So, you’ve maybe wondered why you should use a clipstore site and only get a % of the sales instead of setting up your own shopping cart and keep 100% (theoretically) of all sales? I’ve seen a lot of people that were like “Oh my god, you take 40% of my sales and all you do is host my videos – that’s totally not fair!” – yeah sure, just buying a hosting account and you’re set!

On a serious note …. there’s a lot of reasons: Continue reading