Clipstore Sites

Over the past few years there came quite a few clipstore sites. On this site you’ll find the ones I’ve had experience with (I didn’t try all the new small sites yet).

Clips4Sale is definitely the largest and oldest clipstore site out there with millions of clips and tens of thousands studios. Don’t judge the site by it’s 1995-like design – if you’re selling clips Clips4Sale should definitely be on your todo-list!

Yoogirls is the 2nd oldest site out there and offers a more user-friendly design as well as an affiliate program. Unfortunately content is restricted to non-nude fetish content and therefore isn’t useful for every producer.

YezzClips is a rather new site and obviously affiliated with Yoogirls. The site’s especially interesting if you’re producing “extreme” content. Piss and scat content is allowed and no other clipstore site allows it at the moment.

Kinkbomb is another rather new site and absolutely dominated by amateur fetish girls and financial dommes. If you’ve the right content you can earn well on it, but for most producers it’s hard to make a lot of sales.