What kind of clips should I produce?

Whether you’re just starting out or already got a store up and running – you may ask yourself what makes the most sense to produce. Of course that depends primarily on what you actually can produce (e.g. do you have a partner or are you alone in front of the camera?) and what you’re willing to produce.

Beside these obvious questions it can be of great help to check out the clipstore sites and browse around. Obviously checking out the “Top Selling Clips” and “Top Stores” lists makes sense, but you don’t want to create 1:1 copies of the top clips (not only will you be hated by fellow producers, also the users recognize “stolen ideas” and you loose your originality). Also by checking the top stores list you can’t tell which clips made them so successful or if they’re just doing extensive promo themselves.

That’s why I prefer to look at the most popular categories. For example you can find the top 10 categories on YooGirls.com / YezzClips.com right on the front page, below the latest 10 clips. On Kinkbomb they’re listing the top 25 categories on their “Top lists” page at the very bottom ( Kinkbomb Top Lists ). Clips4Sale also lists their 14 most popular categories on the enter page ( Clips4Sale Enter page )

So, let’s take a look at these lists and compare them.


  1. Female Domination
  2. Money Slavery
  3. Humiliation
  4. Masturbation Instruction
  5. Foot Domination
  6. Trampling
  7. Foot Worship
  8. Facesitting
  9. Brainfucking
  10. Spitting Domination


  1. Shitting / Scat
  2. Toilet Slavery
  3. Toilet POV
  4. Peeing
  5. Farting
  6. Puking / Vomiting
  7. Spitting
  8. Female Domination
  9. Trampling
  10. Ballbusting


  1. Femdom POV
  2. Female Domination
  3. Goddess Worship
  4. Humiliation
  5. Financial Domination
  6. Brat Girls
  7. Masturbation Instruction
  8. Tease & Denial
  9. Cock Tease
  10. Ass Worship
  11. Domination
  12. Sub Training
  13. BDSM
  14. Orgasm Control
  15. Cum Eating Instruction
  16. Ass
  17. Foot Domination
  18. Foot/Shoe Fetish
  19. Redhead
  20. Foot Humiliation
  21. Tit Worship
  22. Small Penis Humiliation
  23. Embarrassment
  24. Legs
  25. Foot Worship


  1. Facesitting
  2. Superheroines
  3. Female Domination
  4. Mix Wrestling
  5. Trampling
  6. Bondage
  7. Handjobs
  8. Ballbusting
  9. MILF
  10. Foot Jobs
  11. Foot Worship
  12. Tickling
  13. Masturbation Instruction
  14. Foot Fetish


So, you’ve some categories that are present on all sites or at least 3 of 4 (like Female Domination, Masturbation Instruction, Foot Domination), but you can also see:

  • Yoogirls is roughly 50% POV and 50% Femdom
  • Yezzclips is totally dominated by Scat/Pee/Toilet Content, followed by femdom
  • Kinkbomb is mostly POV content
  • Clips4Sale is the only site that got some porn in the top categories (Hand- & Footjobs, MILF) and some categories other sites almost got no content (Superheroines, Mixed Wrestling, etc.)

Of course, to maximize your revenue, you should target:

  • Categories that sell well on all sites
  • Extreme / Special categories with less competition